Our Mission

To inspire your ideas through interactive talks on interesting topics

Your host

Two years ago I was sitting where you are now. Looking for inspiration.
Trying to find a spark of passion for... something. There had to be more than ‘this’.

For the first time right now you may be feeling completely lost. Unsure of where to turn next in your journey, and finding that the directions are not laid out as they were before.
Let me share with you; the first step of finding what you want to do, is knowing what you don't want to do.
You will find the answer, and finding the answer will be the best and most rewarding adventure you've ever been on.

So far, my early 30's have been filled with meeting others who are going through the same mind-set changes. Folks who have the same desire to get back in touch with what is important to them and investing in their “why” (to quote Simon Sinek) to figure out what’s next for them and how that fits into shaping their life story. Those who had found their passion, and started their own business or made a real change in themselves - they inspired me.

Surrounding yourself with positive people, and starting to invest in yourself will lead you to enjoy new experiences. A new experience for me has been moving to Vancouver - something I didn't dream of doing two years ago!

I am passionate about helping you find what you are looking for and founding Be Inspired Vancouver is my way of doing that. Finding what drives you takes time, and the hardest step of any journey is the first. My hope with Be Inspired is to make that step a little easier.

You never know where your inspiration will come from, and I can’t wait to help you find yours.

Sam - Founder
[email protected]
Inspiration should have no barriers

Together we can be bigger than a series of talks.
Each time you buy a ticket, we make a donation to Kids Up Front to inspire our future generations.

4 tickets sold = 1 inspiring night for a child in need
Kids Up Front provide inspirational experiences to children-in-need through the distribution of donated tickets to arts, recreation and sporting events. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I attend?

Here are just 5 reasons to attend any of the talks in our ‘Be You. It’s Awesome’ series
1. Meet new people who share your passion for learning and who are truly like-minded
2. Learn something new and leave inspired and with strategies to take action for yourself
3. It could spark a whole new journey for you – even I’m excited to see where it could lead!
4. You’ll be supporting an incredible local charity who give kids that same inspiration that you are looking for.
5. It’s AMAZING value for money

Are these talks right for me?

Do you answer yes to any of the below?

I feel lost where I am right now and I’m looking to make a change – but don’t really know where to start.
I’m interested in personal development/self growth/self improvement/self development/personal goal setting (or any other buzz words you can think of relating to learning more intellectually or emotionally).
I’m new to town and want to meet new people.
I’m curious and enjoy learning.
I LOVE networking – you never know who you’ll meet.

Then YES YES YES, Be Inspired Vancouver talks are for you 🙂 See the talk schedule here.

I don’t have anyone to attend with, can I come on my own?

Absolutely Yes!
The majority of talk attendees come as singles. Say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone for a few hours and the possibilities are endless.
I (Sam – your host) have been a solo talk attendee in both London and Vancouver, so I understand the apprehension.
These talks are designed to be fun, open and welcoming, and I’d love to meet you.
When you arrive, just let me know and I’ll be happy to introduce you to someone who’s in the same boat.

Am I expected to speak?

The Be You. It’s Awesome talks are organised, so the speakers are ‘featured’ speakers.
The talks are interactive meaning you can ask questions and give your thoughts (a huge plus for most attendees), but there is no pressure for an attendee to share their story unless they volunteer it.
You will never be put on the spot – just share if you feel like it. And if not feel free to sit back and listen 🙂 but don’t forget your notebook and pen!

Where will the talks be held?

All of our ‘Be You. It’s Awesome’ talks will be held at locations within Downtown Vancouver.
We choose environments which are suitable for learning something new, and which offer a relaxed and social atmosphere. We know that being close to transit is important for you, so each of our venues is easily accessible from the Sky Train or served by local bus routes.

See the schedule here for more information on the venues!

How much are the tickets?

We believe in value for money.
All the tickets will be available for $20 or less. For 90 minutes of inspiration from our amazing speakers in the series, plus take-home strategies so you can put what you’ve learned into practice AND one of the best personal development networking opportunities in the city, you get a lot of bang for your buck!
What’s more, for every ticket purchased a donation is made to our Charity Partner – Kids Up Front – not only are you doing a good thing for you, but you’re doing a good thing for someone else too.

When will tickets be available?

Tickets for each talk will be available one month ahead of the event.
We take pride in offering an intimate venue and small audience of just 50 people. To guarantee your spot, Reserve Your Seat Now and you’ll hear from us as soon as tickets are available for each talk.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Right now, Be Inspired Vancouver uses Paypal (via meetup.com) for the purchase of tickets. This means that you can purchase your tickets with any major credit or debit card, and your payments are safe and secure.

Tickets for each talk will be available around one month before the event on a dedicated Meetup page.  The Talk schedule, our Meetup Group events and Facebook page events will all link directly to the ticket purchase page.

To make things simple, Reserve Your Seat Now and you’ll hear from us as soon as tickets are available for each talk. Handy!