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october, 2018

02oct6:50 pm9:15 pmUsing Play At WorkTo Create a More Fulfilling and Engaged 9-56:50 pm - 9:15 pm PST Roundhouse, Yaletown, 181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)

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Day jobs can be mundane.
The same tedium day-in and day-out.
This is especially true if you have lost the passion that you once had for your work, and no longer love what you do.

So how can you rebuild some of that lost passion, be more fulfilled when working, be more creative, and who knows…maybe add a little fun to your day job?

The answer is through play!
* Play allows us to return to the mindsets that we had as kids, where we’re
more open to new ideas.
* Play allows us to remove constraints and explore creative insights that
are difficult for us to do otherwise.
* Play allows us to enter a state of mind where we’re willing to take risks
and be more open to failure.

And no, we just don’t mean playing table tennis at work.
Play at work goes far beyond that, and we’re not talking about playing with toys in the office either.
By adding more play at work, you will receive the following benefits:
-Lower levels of stress.
-Increased levels of idea generation.
-Better teamwork and collaboration.
-A better understanding of your customers and the objectives of the
company you work for.
-Higher productivity and creativity.

Join this creative workshop lead by Paul Lopushinsky as he walks you through the value of play, and how it can lead to greater fulfilment in your 9-5 and beyond.


– Add more creativity into your work-life and reinvigorate the child inside.
– Describe how using play makes idea creation a more spontaneous process.
– Use play to be more engaged with your work, and your life.
– Identify your play personality, the play personalities of your colleagues, the play personality of the company you work for, and use play to connect with others and yourself in a deeper way.


After university, Paul Lopushinsky (pronounced LAW-PUH-SHIN-SKI) found himself struggling to make new friends beyond the working world, so he took up activities of play like improv in the fall of 2014. Through play he was able to open up a part of mind that lay dormant and experience the benefits first hand.
Paul has worked in the Product Management and User Experience space since 2013, and after some pondering, decided to start Playficient in 2018 to help others find the value of play in their life.
Paul now works with individuals and companies to help them reignite their creativity and focus their engagement through play.


(Tuesday) 6:50 pm - 9:15 pm PST


Roundhouse, Yaletown

181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)

Roundhouse, Yaletown181 Roundhouse Mews (Davie & Pacific)Multimedia room of the Roundhouse