You are ready to make a leap, and we think that’s awesome! We’ve hand-picked some incredible motivators for you as you start the beginning of a whole new journey!

Throwing a Party for Strangers from the Internet | Yes Theory
This all started with a question: can you trust strangers you meet on Craigslist?
YES Theory believe in challenging what society considers normal. So they seek discomfort to find their own way and fulfill their true calling. And they make videos about it.
With 1.5 million subscribers, they have a huge following and are creating a global movement. Step out of your comfort zone, and say YES.


Key Person of Influence - Daniel Priestley
Every industry revolves around Key People of Influence. Their names come up in conversation. They attract opportunity. They earn more money. Many people think it takes decades of hard work, academic qualifications and a generous measure of good luck to become a Key Person of Influence. This book shows that there is a strategy for fast-tracking your way to the inner circle of the industry you love. Your ability to succeed depends on your ability to influence.
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The Power of Habit: Charles Duhigg
Why do we do what we do, whether in business or life? Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Charles Duhigg believes it’s all because of the power of habit. On this EntreLeadership Podcast, he explains why habits exist and how we can change them to transform our businesses, communities and lives.


Learn Something New with Skillshare [2 Months Free Trial]
Always apply your skills to your highest level of potential. With Skillshare you can learn new skills simply and quickly with their excellent video tutorials. With over 20,000 courses to choose from, invest in yourself and learn something new.

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